What We Can Do

We offer our clients the following six benefits

Ogilvy & Mather Japan breaks through the conventions and stereotypes of Japanese advertising to provide innovative services that go beyond typical media and communication techniques.

1World-class creative works

We put the emphasis on high quality and world-class creative work which messages can be reached deep inside consumers. What creative work wins the hearts and minds of people varies by market. Even for global clients, we sometimes develop our unique expression without being bound by global creative work.

2One-step ahead digital marketing

With the penetration of the smartphone and social media, the amount of information consumers can receive has dramatically increased. This has made their purchase behavior even more complicated than ever before. Now it is even more complex to analyze a consumers purchase behavior to develop a brand engagement strategy.

Ogilvy & Mather draws upon the MOT (moment of truth), which is the important moment in the optimal purchase behavior, when proposing an effective customer engagement and digital marketing strategy. Using our knowledge and best practises accomalated through the use of accomolated data within the global network enables us to contribute to your business growth. The Social@Ogilvy team in the Ogilvy & Mather Group is the world’s largest media strategist network. It consists of social media and digital experts from around the world. In this network, experts of social media marketing, social shopping, social CRM, social listening and analytics work with each other to offer social solutions.

3Well-balanced IMC and SOE strategies without placing disproportionate weight on specific media or channel

Most Japanese advertising agencies work on the business principle of making profit by selling media.

This makes their media selection biased towards making profit. We choose the media, be it digital, social, TV, newspaper web, In- store, OOH and PR, that best relates to the clients needs.

We can do this as our business model doesn’t rely on our media buying making us profit. This idea of media neutrality, means our relationship with clients is very different from our competitors who use this practise.

We set out to clearly understand the clients needs, to determine what the issues are, their targets and future image, to propose media and create proposals that will enable them to continue to grow.

In other words, being media neutral is a method in which we can build a true partnership between clients and the advertising agency.

4Flexible team formation to meet client needs

Ogilvy & Mather calls on the best talents among its staff across disciplines to form a team that can best address a client’s issues. All staff are professionals in specialized fields with brand leaders at the core. Since a team is not bound to specific communication areas or organizations, we are able to form the best team in a flexible manner for all assignments.
This is a major strength of the whole Ogilvy & Mather network.

5Fair and transparent compensation system what Ogilvy & Mather Can Do

Ogilvy & Mather, having adopted the media neutral mentioned above, also use the fee system where payment is based on actual working hours used for planning a project or developing creative work. Not the commission system based on the media buying. The fee is decided on the basis of the scope of work, staff involved and the working hours, clarifying in detail the expected man hours. Therefore, the client can clearly see where costs incurred for which work and adjust the size and allocation of costs within their budget.

In some cases, Ogilvy and Mather enters an incentive agreement known as the “contingency fee” agreement. Where we make a profit by the client being successful. By daringly choosing this system, we can share the motivation with the client. This contributes to us building true partnerships with our clients.

6Perspective, talents and knowhow only the global network can have

Ogilvy & Mather through a network of more than 500 offices in 126 countries provides services to Fortune Global 500 company, Japanese companies and other organizations. In the network, there are more than 22,000 employees, using more than 50 languages. We provide services from the global perspective, using the accumulated knowhow and talents we have working around the world., This is one of Ogilvy’s major strengths.