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Providing Solutions with Strategic Planning and Creative Expertise

Ogilvy & Mather is committed to creating “Great Work That Works” and solves clients’ communication issues.
Our ambition is to capture deep insights into the way consumers relate to brands and to create emotionally involving work that reaches into their hearts. We invest heavily in the critical insights that drive the best creative ideas. With insight-driven ideas, we create true consumer involvement that successfully drives sales and delivers exceptional ROI. Without insight you lose relevance, without creativity you lose impact. Creating expensive ads with no insight or simply using highly paid celebrities is not the way to build a brand.
We do not buy media. We sell ideas.
Ogilvy & Mather Japan does not have a department dedicated to buying mass media time and space. The commissions generated through media buying restricts our freedom in advertising because it could position us “too close” to certain media and put a priority on “selling media”. We make full use of all types of media, both new and conventional, and recommend the communications interface that most effectively reaches the target audience.


  • Formulate Brand Strategies
  • Consumer Insight Based on Original
    Research Ogilvy & Mather aims to create a
    “Great Work, That Works” to solve client issues.
  • Developing Product Concepts
  • Develop Advertising Ideas Based on Insight
  • Formulate Communication Strategies
  • Develop Execution Approaches and Their Implementation

Ogilvy One worldwide

Pioneer in Direct & Digital Marketing in Japan

OgilvyOne began its operations in Japan in 1999. Since then, we have provided Relationship Marketing services using direct mail to a wide range of clients in many different industries. The marketing approach makes it possible to communicate messages to individual consumers directly.
Today, it has evolved to what is now known as Digital Marketing.
One of the advantages of using digital media is its extremely high cost performance.
By implementing the right relationship marketing activities, firms can strengthen the “emotional bonds” they build with consumers. As this bond is activated and maintained for the long term, consumers become powerful supporters and loyal customers of the brand.
Our methodology, Customer Ownership, is built upon the experience of 30 years of building Relationship Marketing programs around the world. We have the world’s most comprehensive database of best practice cases and established norms to draw from, including comparative data for Japan versus other developed markets, B2B and B2C.


  • Digital Marketing related Services
  • Interactive Strategy Planning
  • Technical Consulting
  • Viral Marketing
  • Production and Management of Web Sites, Digital Tools, and Mobile Sites
  • Data Scientist Service
  • Direct Response Advertising
  • Planning and Execution of Relationship Marketing Strategy
  • Consulting
  • Database Mining & Modeling
  • Performance Analysis of Direct Marketing

Ogilvy Public Relations

Building and Protecting Brands through”Strategic PR”

Public relations (PR) is not just about making companies look good in the media. “Strategic PR” by Ogilvy Public Relations is about building brands and protecting them, a goal that PR shares with advertising and other communication activities.
One of Ogilvy PR’s key strengths is its global network that supports clients who are competing both in their home countries and around the world. Drawing on this broad international presence, we clarify communication challenges and provide solutions from the point of view of global business consultants. We also offer a new approach to PR,”360° Digital Influence” which clients find is a powerful approach for improving brand awareness, loyalty, and conversion.


  • 360° Digital Influence
  • Financial Corporate PR
  • Media Training
  • Media Relations, Media Monitoring
  • Social Marketing, CSR Communications, Public Affairs
  • Strategic Planning for PR
  • Event Strategy and Management
  • Crisis and Risk Management


Online Media Agency with Cutting-Edge Technology

Neo@Ogilvy is an online media agency offering services that include online media planning and buying as well as search engine marketing (SEM). We implement multi-faceted and effective communication strategies by linking interactive advertisements and digital content with sales promotion, customer relationship management (CRM), PR, and mass-media advertising. Digital technology is an indispensable part of the Ogilvy Group’s “360° branding” services. Neo@Ogilvy uses cutting-edge technology flexibly to enhance the power and persuasiveness of the client’s 360° communication activities.


  • Online Media Strategy Planning
  • Online Media Buying
  • SEM
  • Search Engine Operation (SEO)
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Online Media Effectiveness Analysis
  • Analysis and Reporting on All Aspects of Marketing Programs from Media Performance to Sales Results

geometry global

World’s Largest Activation Network

We combine data, insights and pitch perfect creativity to find and own precisely the right combination of spaces, places, moments and voices along the Purchase Decision Journey. This unique approach results in more people, buying more of our clients’ brands, more often. We call this Precision Activation.

Our unique approach focuses on the appropriate fusion of context and content and affects consumer behavior from both aspects. Furthermore, we create an impetus for business by fusing the proven communication technique into excellent creative idea.
We have experts in 56 markets around the world and develop highly compelling marketing programs. Using data and insight, connect people and brand at the right time, in the right place and in the right manner, which brings about measurable changes to client business.


Percision Activation
Trade Marketing: Establish “win-win” relationships within the distribution channels
Shopper Marketing
Present more-effective communication based on shopper insights
Digital Activation
Experiential Marketing: Generate opportunities for consumers to experience quality and the look and feel of brands and products


Offering High-Quality, Efficient Production Services

H&O brings the resources and technology of the world’s leading production agency into the world’s leading creative agency, resulting in an ideas-delivery engine sitting Ogilvy. Unlike any other agency production operation in the world, the capabilities of the new operation will allow us to produce any type of advertising content using an in-house team working to the very highest quality across all media.

Moving forward, our clients will now have access to all of the traditional strengths of RedWorks in print and digital in addition to what Hogarth brings – full broadcast and moving image capability, a market leading language and transcreation service and proprietary technology solutions.


Graphic Design Production
  • Newspaper and magazine advertisements, DM materials, catalogs, POP materials, etc.
  • Annual reports
Interactive Design Production
  • Web advertising, web site development
Digital Imaging
  • PC and mobile contents productions
Color Management
  • Preparing final artwork ready for printing by using direct digital color proofing (DDCP) systems
Art Buying
  • Arranging and managing photo shooting, stock photos, illustration library, etc.
Print Production
  • Managing print production
Television Production
  • Managing and producing commercial films, short movies, radio clips, infomercials, etc.